Gustavo Suarez is JPG’s visionary and innovative founder and President.

JPG works closely with small businesses, construction, transportation, and service companies, providing accounting services such as bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, and planning.

The Beginning

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Gustavo Suarez migrated to the United States of America at the age of 17. A few weeks later, Gustavo was involved in his first business venture. The journey was intense and he needed to look for help.

But, finding the right bookkeeping was extremely challenging. Gustavo found two opposite zones for bookkeeping experts:

1- Local tax/bookkeeping businesses without right professional skills

2- Overqualified professionals (expensive fees) who did not value him as a client

In his experience as a client, no one ever took the time to analyze the business model, understand how to make it feasible, identify cash flow leaks, reduce expenses, increase bottom line, talk about his daily challenges, subcontractors, the need of payroll, legal structure, metrics, outsourcing or key performance indicators (KPIs).

“The Gap”

There was something missing… “The Gap”, an opportunity to prove a concept, build a business model and motivate the small business communities to keep progressing.

Gustavo, understood as a client, what a small business owner needed and opted to take this as his purpose, his passion, his legacy.


Thus, in 2010, Gustavo set his foot in the personal tax preparation industry: helping families in the community with basic tax needs. At this point, helping and advocating for the community was for Gustavo, definitely, one of the most fulfilling experiences he ever had.

He went all in by helping his first small business client, a 15-year-old business with tons of bookkeeping issues. Unfortunately, no one ever took the time to really getting involved with the client and fully organize their books. The relationship with his first client evolved naturally, but now The Challenge was to make the bookkeeping service profitable in terms of time and resources.

That’s when our professional outsourcing center in Latin-American was born with highly-skilled professionals to provide the service, the small business community deserved.

JPG Bookkeeping and Payroll

Our philosophy of Going Back to Basics Principle of converting complex subjects to simple processes is the root of what we call today, JPG. Under our founder’s leadership and risk taker approach, the company has successfully grown from a Call Center in South America to a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) including: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Business Tax Preparation, and Virtual Professional Outsourcing services with presence in the North & South America.

Our Houston, Texas office is located in The Galleria area surrounded by over 2,000 companies which represent more than 11% of Houston’s total office space. Our Bogota, Colombia office is located in Parque de la 93, one of the most popular business centers, shopping, night club, and restaurant areas in the city.

Our mission goes beyond bookkeeping and it is to give back to our community by educating them regarding how to do business in the United States.

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