How to have a good command of telework or homeoffice in COVID-19 times?

Due to the global situation we are going through, most governments have implemented preventive isolation measures to prevent the COVID-19 spread, which has greatly affected many people. Therefore, many employers have taken the decision to carry out telecommuting with their employees.

In this article we will give you some tips so that you can consider and develop your work from home in the most efficient way.

1. Adapt your own workspace

It is important to have a specific place to work at home, where we are comfortable, organized, away from distractions and, if possible, where natural daylight can come in.

Not having a specific place for work will surely lead us to work from bed, which would be the least suitable place for this, as it generates laziness, unhealthy body positions, and low productivity.

2. Set up and prepare any necessary working tools.

Before starting to work, organize the space where you are going to do it and just keep the needed articles to carry your tasks out, also put away everything that may be a distraction for you. Make sure you are close to all of the items you consider useful, such as, computer charger, a lamp with good lighting if you can’t access daylight, keep a calculator handy in case you have to do any kind of math operation, it is also important to have a notebook where you can write down your tasks and ideas, have some water or drink nearby so you don’t have to stand up every time you need some hydration.

Analyze your performance area and identify everything you need around you to avoid distractions or interruptions that could constantly affect your work by daily dispersions.

3. Build up an agenda with daily and weekly activities

Being clear in regards of the tasks that we must carry out is a key part of a good plan of work at home, write down the tasks in a notebook in order from highest to lowest importance. By having your daily and weekly tasks organized and written down, it will be easier for you to carry them out and you will be able to give results as you go through your to-do list, and thus, you will deliver quality work in a timely manner.

4. Stick to your work shift to optimize time

Although it is true that the place we live is our resting place, in this situation we are living, it is now becoming our place of workforce productivity, which means that compliance schedules are strictly necessary, at this point we can have two scenarios, the first would be work tirelessly without taking a break and exceed our daily work hours, or we could take the freedom to work whenever we please regardless of the regulations of the company we work for, both points are totally negative. On the one hand, we have to give ourselves time to clear our mind, have lunch and have active breaks and not exceed our workload, and on the other hand, we have the responsibility to fulfill our schedules properly as if we were working in the company offices and deliver the same or even better results.

5. Organize your homework in priority order.

As mentioned in one of the previous points, being clear on the tasks order will help your performance to be much better. In a list, order your tasks from highest to lowest priority. When they are written down and frequently checked, your mind will carry them out more quickly and productively. If we do not have this order, our mind will begin to perform random tasks and we will not dedicate the importance or enough time to things that we must develop as a priority and perhaps we will start many pending that we won’t finish and at the end of the day we won’t have finished any of them.

6. Suggest solutions, get ahead of customer needs.

Having a plan B is one of the most successful things that we could have and not only at work, going one step forward and having anticipated solutions to possible problems would make things much easier for us, identify the possible negative responses that your clients might have and create solutions to be able to respond immediately to any disagreement, that will demonstrate quality of work.

7.  Have communication channels available on your computer and cell phone

Having several application options to communicate with clients, managers and colleagues is of utmost importance since others will see the interest in being present and constantly active with your environment, this favors teamwork and will surely facilitate you to get support from someone else when necessary, we are in the 21st century, we have a thousand and one tools nowadays, everything else is an excuse.

8. Find and execute opportunities for process improvement

In situations like these, we can take time to analyze the performance we have had and visualize the changes and opportunities that are presented to us by changing our workplace and our environment, perhaps this will help us to know ourselves better and lead us to discover skills or shortcomings that we can take in our favor having them as a benchmark for change. That is, we can identify that our performance changes as we are surrounded by multiple distractions but that nevertheless we must be productive in our daily duties, this creates in us a kind of tolerance and engagement that would strengthen us to work under pressure and that leads us to control and channel dispersions. Knowing, experiencing and adapting yourself to situations will always be an opportunity for personal improvement that will always lead us to results such as perfecting ourselves, growing and learning.

9. Maintain effective communication with your support team

A company has an outstanding performance when its workers and employers are clear regarding the importance of teamwork; Good interpersonal relationships between employees, as well as with their superiors, are essential. Precisely under situations like the ones the world is living in now, it is when you must understand the teamwork and communication strength between the staff so that work won’t be seriously affected. Support, listening and communication must be 100 % present in order to be able to measure up and solidly overcome situations and difficulties that may arise in our fields of action.

10. Self-evaluate your own results, and seek to exceed them

We reach our closing with a tip that will help us not only at work but in different areas of our lives. Taking a moment to see the quality of the things we do is very important, feeling comfortable with the results we achieve and not settling for half ways is a characteristic of successful people, complementing this skill and taking it to another level is always looking forward to be better and setting goals all the time in order to surpass our achievements and become leading people with moving forward spirits which will always lead us to improve as people, workers, parents, etc.

PS: Let’s always celebrate our successes regardless of size. This is how we finish this article, we hope it has been useful and that by applying these tips you can have a more productive, comfortable work focused on always delivering good results, we invite you to get to know each other, set goals, and have a hard-working and leading spirit, this is an article meant only to people who are not allergic to work. The JPG recommendation for a better performance of telecommuting is that will facilitate communication with your work team, which is critical at this time.